About us, Membership and Other Roles

Founded in 2021 the Church of Rational Truth is dedicated to learning the truths of existence through rational thought and research. We believe any truths about reality, god, and existance can be studied, reasoned and understood. We reject faith and rely on what can be tested and proven to guide us spiritually. It is our hope that through this we can reduce suffering, improve health, and allow our members to create their own paradise on earth.




Joining the church as a member means that you gain more access to church facilities, but also allows you to help make decisions on church finances and short term goals and projects. One example is deciding on what the monthly endowment proceeds goes towards - the proceeds from the last month are divided equally among the number of active members and each member's vote decides where that amount goes! This gives our members an immediate and direct say in what activities and projects we end up funding and allows us to allow everyone to have a say and every vote truely matters. To join members are strongly encouraged to make a monthly donation to the church. Although not required for membership, we suggest a minimum donation of $49 per month so that we can continue to grow the endowment. This amount can be lowered or waived under certain circumstances and decisions based on whether membership is awarded is made on a case by case basis. Members must show that their beliefs and morals are in line with the church and that they are joining out of their own free will and without duress or coercion and must be able to make well rationed and reasonable decisions. To apply please contact us at churchofrationaltruth@gmail.com for an application to start the approval process. 




If membership is not for you...don't fret. You can still be a follower of the church / religion. It doesn't cost anything and you will still get access to many of the church's amenities. Nothing is required and there is no approval process, in fact, you may have already followed our religion before even knowing about it!




Funding and Managing the Church Library

Growth and advancement of our members

Education and furthering rational thought